International customers, 5* reviews & only our 1st month!

Wow, how time flies. I cannot believe we have been trading for a month already and what a month it has been. I have met some incredible people and pets, it's been an absolute joy. The way people literally stop in their tracks and smile at our Creme de la Whiskers creations is amazing.
I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to those of you that have stopped by and said hello and traded many a cat & pooch story, and shared tons of photos with me. Thank you also to all the lovely people that don’t even have a cat or dog but have been keen to understand more about our ethos and ethics. It’s been a real pleasure.
So what have we been doing and what is coming up?
Well, our online site went live with no hiccups, we started trading at a weekly market in Bradford on Avon and our social media following has flourished. We had a creation bought for a beautiful cat called Meme who is now enjoying it in Japan of all places! We’ve also had great interest from pet shops which is phenomenal. Finally, by no means least, the donations for Battersea and Bath Cats and Dogs Home are steadily developing.
Coming up?
We are thrilled to confirm that we will have a stand at.....
Bath Cats and Dogs Home Annual Fun Day and Dog Show
Bank Holiday Monday 27th Aug from 11am-4pm
We would love to see you there.
You can also find us on selected Wednesdays & Saturdays at the Bradford on Avon Lamb Yard Market (dates to be announced).
Our 'wall of fame' is coming along nicely with all your wonderful photos. Don’t forget to share your VIP’s pics by emailing or sharing on facebook, twitter or Instagram @delawhiskers and now with our first customer review, why not share your feedback also.
Milly and I will be busy securing more events but don’t forget in the meantime, you can choose your creation at, have it delivered at no extra cost and help us support talented women in Nepal and raise money for Battersea and Bath Cats and Dogs Home.
Look after your whiskered creatures in this heat. 
Big love
Donna & Milly

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  • Super blog. Good to hear all is going so well in your first month. I will definitely have to take a look again at your online site. Need to get something special for my beautiful cat Amber.

    Lorraine Palmer

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