How to stay snug in Autumn.

All the leaves are brown and the skies are grey.......
The children are back to school, the nights are drawing in, our wood burner has been lit, Autumn is very much upon us. 

I am not sure about your felines, but our CFO (Chief Feline Officer) is really starting to feel the cold. A positive of this is, that she is really gravitating towards her Creme de la Whiskers beds. To the point of spending most of her days sleeping in her Lotus.
But how do we encourage her to use it over her other old sleeping spots and why does she enjoy her bed so much?
1) A few people have said, 'I've bought so many beds for my cat and they never use them.' When we first introduced Milly to her Creme de la Whiskers bed, with her being blind, we placed it where she would usually sleep on the sofa or bed. This meant that she felt safe and comfy but could enjoy the smell and comfort of the bed. Good news for us, it meant we could easily carry her upstairs with us or move her from an awkward position on the bed. 
2) Well there is a reason why sheep grow wool in the first place. Wool fibres act as an insulator. Since air conducts heat, this means the warmth your feline might generate, gets trapped by the wool, keeping them even warmer.
3) As shared before, lambs wool has a natural scent called Lanolin which is a soft, grease or wax that coats the lambs wool. We believe it is the smell of this which cats are attracted too, making them happy and snug. 
If you have bought one of our creations, why not share you experiences and tips.
Stay warm & snug.....until next time.

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