Here are just a few quotes and reviews from some of our kind customers sharing their thoughts on Creme de la Whiskers and their purchases. 
'Thank you creme de la whiskers for bringing these beautiful, stylish, cat beds to the UK! I brought the pebble at the bath artisan Christmas market and it was such a hit with my two cats I had to buy another product to save the fighting over who gets to go in it! A big hit with my cats and a stylish addition to my home.' - Anna D M
'We bought this from you (The Noodle) this morning and our cat Patsy was sniffing it out before it had left the bag. Needless to say she loves it!!' - Helen X

 'Met the Creme de la Whiskers team recently at the National Pet Show in Birmingham. My first purchase, The Noodle was brought home, and after about 15 minutes, Jolly my eldest kitty was in, relaxing, and surveying the lounge...Donald a nine month old kitten, had to wait, and wait for her to vacate then he was soon in residency, they just love it..!

This week I decided to make a second purchase, and bought the Scandi, as I was unwrapping the parcel, both Jolly and Donald were eager to help, meowing and purring impatiently for me to place the cave on the floor, Donald was first in this time, and he seems to have more of a claim to it, leaving Jolly with the Noodle.

The team were amazing when we met at the show in Birmingham, and we have exchanged messages since. They really care about this product, it’s sustainability and it’s kindness to the planet, the humans, and most importantly the users of their products, the little fur-babies. I really can’t recommend this product enough, my kitties love it, and I am sure yours will too.' - Martin P-G


'My cats love their comfy new bed and it is beautiful what's not to love 💖' - Adrienne M
'My 3 amigo’s all fight to get in to their dinky little Pebble. Safe to say, it’s a hit' - Megan VE 
'We bought a fantastic yawning cat bed and felted mat for our cats and they took to both straight away. the beds are lovely to look at but, more importantly, they are very well made and our cats love them' - Sue L
'Maud loves her new Pebble 😍 can’t get her out of it now, and she’s not willing to share.' - Megan VE

'Luigi was so happy we found this snug pumpkin bed at the National Pet Show 🐱'. - Adrian S

 ' I bought the Noodle from you yesterday for my cat Tinkerbelle who "doesn't like cat beds". Well... that has certainly changed!! She zoomed in it immediately, had a bit of a tussle and some clawing, but then settled, and sat in her Noodle purring the night away! She loves it, and I do to. Thanks so much, and all the best for the business. ' - Kara H
'Beautiful products and our cat Monty loves his new mat. Hopefully he will be just as pleased with his wool stocking come Xmas. Also met the owners, a lovely couple who are passionate about cats and who donate part of their profits to the Bath Cats Home.' - Charlotte W
' I'm so pleased with this new cat bed. It's made beautifully, and the cats find it very comfortable. It's lovely that some of the money goes to an animal shelter, too.'          - Anna E
'We really do love them because your designs are so different and contemporary. Ellis is a shy boy and loves his space so his new woollen cocoon is just perfect.'      - Faye W
'The mat is a hit with my (very fussy) girl. She knew exactly what it was for and made herself very comfortable within minutes.' - Helen S
'This really is a splendid company and superb ethics and ethos.' - Catherine L
' Fabulous cat beds just purrfect for our kittys' - Alison H
'Tigger enjoying his hideaway thanks to Creme de la Whiskers! We bought this for Leela but he’s just surprised us by heading straight in...' - Rachel RW  
'Lottie loves her new bed' - Alison H
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