A gallery of all your wonderful fur babies.    
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Monty Bear
   Our Lotus has been a huge hit with Monty Bear. Within seconds of it coming out the bag, he'd fallen in love with it. Well, now we can't ask more than that!
This is the delightful Angus who absolutely loves his Volcano. So much so his hoomans then bought a Pumpkin and a mega mat! Now that is one lucky puss.
   Wow, meeting Thorin was a real honour and the first time I've had a cat come and try before they buy :-) He travelled all the way from Bristol to Bath in his hooman special cat backpack and own personal safety harness. It was simply purrrfect meeting such a character. 
     By no means our first Daschund but certainly our first photos. Darcey tried, bought and loved! Very happy pooch. 
Lincoln is the fourth edition to the Western crew, out in Georgia. Now in his forever home having been in foster care, he has maybe been reunited with his long lost sister Ellis also from Jersey City and an existing member of the @delawhiskers family already. 
  .....Or as her hoomans call her Molly Mol Mols. Another satisfied customer enjoying our Noodle.  
Mum Cat
Eek a little blurry this one, but this is mum cat to Molly.
This time enjoying our iconic Wide Mouth Yawn bed.
Lola the absolutely stunning ragdoll ! What a beaut she is. Can't beat a bit of cat yoga in your cream grey Noodle bed. 
Percy the tabby
This is percy.the.tabby of instagram fame even though still very new to the world. He enjoys a snuggle in our cream marble basket bed.
   A shy gorgeous ginger girl Amber who took a long time to prove to her hoomans she used her bed but well worth the wait to capture this photo!   
Sorry not the best image of the gorgeous Gravy but taken from a video. 
Gravy is the cat master to the very talented Claire Alice who painted our very own Milly's portrait! We are such big fans. 
  Mulan is a newly adopted and rehomed puss who has had the full Creme de la Whiskers treatment. As a house warming gift, she already now has a Creme de la Whiskers bed and mat. What a wonderful way to start her new chapter in her new home.    
We think Barney is just the cutest. And in this weather, he is using his mat in the most ideal way! Such a handsome chap. Puurrhaps even a long lost cousin of our very own Milly. 
Indiana, Houston and Yoshi
An instant success for these gorgeous ones, so much so they are forming a queue!
This is the beautiful tortoise shell Smudge. She is really taken with her mat but she is lucky enough to not only have an original, but a matching blue lotus now as well to enjoy!
For Phantom it was an instant hit. We don't think any other bed would have suited better!
Tuppence never liked beds we've been told until she tried her Creme de la Whiskers Lotus bed. With separation anxiety, it was always difficult for her human to get bits done around the house but now, Tuppence snuggles up in her bed as she feels safe and cosy leaving her human to get on. Happy pooch = happy human
Hermione & Neville
   Another two happy cats, this time Hermione & Neville after their mummy met us at the Bath Artisan Christmas Market. 
   An adorable puss enjoying her Cream Marble Noodle   
 We've had an amazing review from Donald a nine month old kitten. Donald and Jolly liked their beds so much, their very kind daddy bought them another one a week later! Very happy cats! 
This little one lives with Charlie but unfortunately we do not have a name. We still think they look wonderful and proud in their Wide Mouth Yawn Milly.
Love this photo of Luigi caught in his new Pumpkin.
It’s Eddies turn now in the Pebble after Maud vacated. We think he looks very comfy. Indeed the lord of the cat cave manor!
         It turns out Maud is a big fan of her pebble and is not willing to share. 
Apparently Tinkerbelle never uses any cat beds. Well, we are pleased on this occasion she changed her mind and has snuggled up in her Noodle. 
Charlie has been spoilt with a bed and a Creme de la Whiskers mat. 
No rules at Creme de la Whiskers on how to use your bed Indy! :-)
'Safe to say Alfie likes his new bed' which we are thrilled about. 
Simple stunning
Montgomery (Monty)
 We absolutely love this photo of Monty. He looks so peaceful. With his colour and markings he could be the brother of our very own Milly. 
The beautiful Poomah is the sister of a Wall of Fame member already, Jagwah. 
    We think she looks very comfortable and snug on her Creme de la Whiskers mat.
  Little Skittle here apparently loves his toys and we are pleased as punch that he he does. What a cutie!  
This is gorgeous Agnes who is helping to grow our international family. Agnes & Edith are based in San Francisco & we think Agnes looks pretty similar to our own Milly! 'Wide Mouth Yawn' is a perfect match.
Percy & Ellis
These beauties, 18 month old Ellis & 3 month old Percy, are based in the US & are now very much enjoying their creations thanks to their kind mum. We love how Percy has made it his own & opted for sitting on top. Certainly no rules round here.
We at Creme de la Whiskers love this latest photo. Dick and Tilly love their new pod so I have been told. Apparently another one is needed! :-)
Lottie loving her new bed which we are thrilled to hear. Welcome to the family Lottie. 
Dylan has taken to his new bed like a duck to water so we've been told. He certainly looks relaxed! 
Bu in her new 'Wide Mouth Yawn' Milly bed!
Bob Cat
It's been shared that Bob cat loves his new 'Scandi' snoozing cave. 
Lola loving her new hide out 'The Noodle' in beautiful blue. 
Little Archie from Bradford on Avon is such a character. After visiting several times, he was bought his favourite The Basket. 
 From Bradford on Avon to Birmingham. Jagwah enjoying the 'Creme de la Whiskers' mat and her Volcano. 
All the way from Japan, this is Meme!  
Our beautiful Cream Marble Lotus travelled all the way to Japan to meet its new owner, this stunning siamese.
 Delighted to introduce our first pooch to our wall. The beautiful Widget. A delightful Jack Russell cross. We've been told 'she loves it'! Well we can't ask more than that.   
Sacha joins us having great fun with her newest toy, 100% pure natural lambs wool magenta Pigtail. Enough to have any little one in a spin. 
This gorgeous boy is Smokey enjoying his brand new wool toys. The shades of grey suit him perfectly. 
   Tommy, an energetic bengal kitten who enjoys teasing his brother Arthur. Never seen a kitten move so fast as he chasing after 'The Power Balls'.
Arthur & Tommy
 Two gorgeous but exceptionally energetic bengal kittens. It may not be halloween, but there is never a wrong time to enjoy a pumpkin.
Tigger enjoying Leela's bed when she wasn't looking. 
   Leela just couldn't seem to wait to give her 'Pebble' a try! Now sitting in pride of place in her new lounge.